dental admissions

  1. A

    Midwestern- IL vs. UNE

    Hello everyone, I was accepted to both of these programs yesterday and would love your opinion regarding which I should choose! Also, I still have an interview scheduled for A.T Still Missouri for mid-December. Do you recommend that I attend it? I never thought I would be in this position of...
  2. S

    Pre dental student and gpa concern !

    Hi everyone, I'm a pre-dental student in NC. I have a few concerns and questions about a few things. To start off I'm a freshman in college but I came in with my associates of science degree currently at (57 credits, after this semester I'll be 72 credits with 67 credits remaining), I have had...
  3. T

    Any Schools still worth applying to?

    I applied to 8 dental schools and so far have only heard from one. I was wondering are there any schools still worth applying to? My stats are 22 AA, 23 TS, 23 Bio, 21 Gchem, 25 Ochem, 21 RC, 19 PAT, 19 QR 3.61 overall GPA and 3.53 science
  4. S

    /What are my chances at getting into UIC?

    Hi all! Im an Illinois resident and i was wondering what you guys thought my chances at getting into UIC dental school are.. I already know I am at a disadvantage, because I completed 50 credits at a community college..:unsure: Community college gpa: 4.0 (I completed that in a year, 10 credits...
  5. M

    Dental school with 3 retakes.

    Hello Everyone, To keep this concise as possible I will get straight to the point. I had a 2.4 gpa and raised it to a 3.4 and hopefully I can raise it a tad bit more by the end these last quarters. However, what i'm worried about is the retakes. I got a D in calculus 1 & 2 and failed calculus...
  6. T

    Chance me; high GPA, Low DAT

    Hey guys if you could chance me or tell me what my odds are that would be great. I studied long and hard for the DAT and got so darn nervous and choked. I submitted my app. Jun 10th and took the DAT Aug 11th and my app was complete Aug 23rd. I applied to 19 schools. Any feedback or advice would...
  7. D


    DAT: 22 AA; 23 TS; 22 Bio; 23 GC; 26 Orgo; 22 RC; 17 QR; 22 PAT cGPA: 3.19 sGPA: 3.17 BCP: 2.97 ): 2nd time applying. 4.0 Post-Bacc for 19 semester hours. Applied toward end of July. Any chance at all? Thanks in advance.
  8. J

    Retook DAT and lower scores (HELP!)

    I am in a really strange/scary position.. I took the DAT last year and scored a 17 AA and retook it couple weeks ago and scored a 16 AA (breakdowns are below). I am not sure what went wrong on my second DAT, I used bootcamp, mikes videos, chads, make bio notes etc. I must say....I should've...
  9. MBADentalLegend

    Dental Application Process- Non-traditional Applicant

    My app is about 90% done and just trying to knock out my PS. Already have my 4 LOR and have/currently shadowing 4 dentists and tons of volunteering/working hours in research. I've been out of school for 3 years in technical sales and before that I received my MBA & Master's of Medical Sciences...
  10. C

    Chiropractor to Dentist?

    Hello guys, I've been lurking on these pages for a few yours now but since I'm in the situation I'm in now I figured I should finally create an account ask ask for some advice. So I'm in a pretty unique situation as of the moment, I'm currently a 2nd year chiropractic student preparing to take...
  11. D


    Hey, So i am looking to apply to dental schools and my undergrad GPA is 2.9. I am currently doing a Masters of Biomedical Sciences program at Rutgers. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about which schools i have the best chance of getting into as well as what i should do in order to...
  12. D

    Here we go... what are my chances?

    Alright, guys. I'm now going to be one of the many many students that have posted this exact thread probably, but I'm hoping some of you can help put my mind at ease a little bit. I am currently filling out my dental school application (where has the time gone...) and I figured I'd give some of...
  13. photon153

    pre dental courses

    Hi everyone. I am starting my junior year and I am planning to take DAT at the end of my junior year. courses I have taken for pre dent are: - general biology - evolutionary biology - general chemistry 1,2 - organic chemistry 1,2 - physics for engineers 1,2 - calculus 1,2 I am taking...
  14. BabyBombers24

    Finding Jobs during Application Cycle

    Hey guys I'm in the midst of trying to find some salary based job that is somewhat relevant to my degrees in Bio, and was wondering how you guys were/are able to manage commitment to work while applying to dental schools. I want to be able to work but I feel that potential interview dates will...
  15. S

    Where I stand for dental school

    I am a re-applicant that just finished undergrad with a 3.2-3.3 science gpa from UNC and DAT 17. I had a bit of a downward trend in just my senior year which caused a big dip in sgpa, but a upward trend my from freshman to junior year (peaking at 3.42 or so). I am retaking the DAT next month and...
  16. T

    DAT in late week of july late for 2017 cycle?

    I have been studying for the DAT now for 4 weeks and averaging a 18AA 19PAT overall. I would like more time to study so that I can get a 20AA. Would taking the DAT in the last week of July still be considered early? I submitted my application on June 5 and my gpa is verified and LOR are in. Plus...
  17. S

    BioChem Online

    Hello. I am applying to dental schools this year and most of them require biochemistry. During my undergrad years I was unabe to take biochemistry at my school. I have a community college near me that offers Intro to Biochemistry (CHM 260) If I take this course at the CC in person can it fulfill...
  18. insaiyanpredent

    Buying DAT Destroyer

    Anyone selling their DAT Destroyer and/or any other materials such as the bootcamp? If so Please feel free to leave contact info and let me know the condition of the materials beforehand. Pictures would be helpful. Thank you.
  19. A

    Help with schools list!

    Hello! I just wanted a little guidance and input on my list of schools as far as where I have the best chance of getting in, along with strong clinical programs in fun locations that I would enjoy for the next four years. My DAT breakdown was AA22/CHEM24/BIO22/OCHEM22/TS22/QR20. My GPA is a...
  20. E

    Very Low GPA, High DAT. Advice?

  21. J

    D in Biostatistics

    I jus finished my second year of college. I struggled heavily with my Biostatistics course and ultimately received a D. My school does not offer any grade replacements or retaking opportunities so unfortunately it is stuck on my transcript. My oGPA and sGPA is a 3.3. The class is no longer...
  22. D

    Seeking advice

    Guys, what type of improvements did you make to get accepted the 2nd time to dental school? I kinda just wanna compare what I've done to the statistics of those who have gotten accepted on their 2nd try? Any advice? It would be much appreciated. Please help me out, I'm terrified!
  23. F

    From someone living in cali

    What are my chances of getting into ANY dental school given the fact that i'm from California... I know California schools are competitive and out of state students are not very favored... Thanks! Science GPA: 3.4 Overall GPA: 3.4 Undergrad: University of Southern California- B.S. Neuroscience...
  24. KeepingUpWithK

    I need help

    So I switched my major from Nursing to Biology my sophomore year because I realized that I wanted to become a Dentist. I'm now a Junior and have a 2.5 which is really eating me up because I really feel like I'm not pushing myself hard enough. Not to mention since I've had poor advisors in the...
  25. T

    DAT June 20th

    Should I fill out my application on June 1st and submit it even though I am taking the DAT June 20th? Is this considered "late," and will it hurt my chances? I have 3.72 sgpa, 3.76 overallgpa, 255 hours of shadowing, and 200 hours of volunteer, with good letters of rec. Also does anybody have a...
  26. T

    Gun smithing on Application

    I am preparing to apply to dental school June 1st and I know that there is a spot on the app where you can talk about your manual dexterity. Should I include that I do gunsmithing as a hobby? This includes woodwork, fix and repair, and restoration. I just do not want someone to throw away my app...
  27. C

    What more can I do for this coming cycle?

    Hi everyone! I've been lurking around for a bit but made this account to get some advice from you all as I'm driving myself crazy with worry. I applied back for the 2016 cycle but got no interviews. I am positive that it was because of my GPA has I had a really tough transition to college and...
  28. D

    Bad grade...

    So I got a C in Physics I and I'm hoping for a B in physics II (grades are released on wed.) How bad is this? My first C, Btw.. The class just sucked honestly. I'm a hard worker and studied a ton but its one of those things that I struggled with... **Second time applicant to dental school this...
  29. K

    Dental School Admission/ Master Student Need Advice

    Good evening, So I would like some advice on Dental school. My undergrad GPA was a 3.01 I had bumps and paths finishing strong because my rents were in and out of the hospital. I went and got a Masters in Community Health and did my Thesis in Oral health at Midwestern University. My Grad GPA...
  30. D

    Non-Traditional Applicant (Business Graduate) DDS advice

    Hi guys, I really need help with advice for applying to dental school based on my specific situation. I am a non-traditional applicant, and here are more details about my current situation. - Undergrad at one of top 50 universities in USA (BBA Bachelors of Business Admin) graduated a year...
  31. T

    Academic Dishonesty

    In the fall semester of junior year (currently junior in spring semester) I was caught for colluding on online homework and was given a 0 for those assignments. One of my close family members had just passed away and had struck me in a way I had never felt before. I was very depressed and it was...
  32. F

    Uncertain/need advice please

    oGPA: 3.4 sGPA: 3.47-3.5 DAT: 20 AA/ 21 TS/ 20 PAT Received B.S. in Neuroscience from USC. >100 hours of volunteer/research with UCLA dental school and UCI School of Medicine (pediatrics dentistry). What are my chances and how many schools would you recommend that I apply to? (Californian...
  33. C

    7 year BS/DMD or UC Berkeley/UCLA?

    It's pretty darn late in the game for college decisions. But here I am still wondering where I'm going to go. So in your opinion, with your experience, is it better to accept the 7 year BS/DMD offer at a small school that's relatively unexciting but guarantees me a spot at Dental College of...
  34. D

    Advice for a distraught pre-dental student

    Hey everyone, I'm a pre-dental applicant who has applied for this last 2017 dental cycle. Applied through AADSAS and TMDSAS. Received three interviews at OU, UT-Houston, and UT-Memphis. I received a rejection letter from OU and wait listed status on the other two schools. Here are my stats...
  35. Q

    New Dental school, free admission?

    Hey guys I am a long time lurker and this is my first thread! Anyways do you guys think the Woody L. Hunt Dental School will be tuition free for the first class? I know a lot of Med schools offer free tuition for the first class but do dental schools do this too? I am a Texas Resident and will...
  36. Dr.HarleyQuinn

    Do I have a Shot

    Hello everyone, I think I am in need of some guidance; I have been very worried lately (probably over-worried). I want to know if you guys think that I have a chance at getting in to dental schools this coming application cycle. I am currently studying for my DAT that I am planning to take in...
  37. C

    When would be a good time to start taking the DAT?

    I will be finishing all my pereqs by spring 2018. During spring 2018 I will be taking Organic Chemistry II. Would I be able to also start preparing for my DAT in the spring and take it before June because I plan on also applying the same year? Also what is a good way to start preparing my...
  38. K

    Career changer trying to meet pre-reqs for dental. help!

  39. T

    Other ways to show I care about people without volunteering?

    You need three things, GPA, volunteering/research and a good DAT score. Are there ways to volunteer?
  40. fisafisa

    Criteria for being accepted to dental school (Rutgers/UMDNJ)

    I'm currently a biomedical engineering major at Rutgers intending on applying to the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (#1 choice) at the end of this semester. I've just been really worried as to what my chances are of being accepted as I have a good DAT score but my GPA is sort of on the low...